1.Grooved director - butterfly probe, 130mm

2.Farabeuf retractor 8mm/100mm

3.Hemostatic Leriche forceps 150mm curved, without claws.

4.Mayo Hegar needle holder (small) 140 mm

5.Curved Metzenbaum scissors 150mm

6.Straight Halstead mosquito hemostatic forceps without claws 125mm

7.Straight Mayo scissors 150mm

8.Scalpel handle No4

9.Scalpel handle No3

10.Olsen Hegar needle holder 150mm

11.Stainless steel cup with spout 20ml (height: 20mm/diameter: 40mm)

12.Adson dressing forceps 120mm

13.Thin De Bakey forceps 150mm, with claws 1x2


ALTECHBIO SARL - http://www.altechbio.fr/

Independent agent in the name and for ALLGAIER Instrumente Medical GmbH

Mail : contact@altechbio.fr

Tél : + (33)

    Instruments used during the practical exercises were selected for their excellent quality, their reliability and for their very competitive price. It is possible to make them stand out by their maker, ALLGAIER Instrumente Medical GmbH, either according to a matrix to be supplied, or with colour ceramic pastilles. This marking is totally long-lasting and allows to avoid any mixture of boxes.

   ALTECHBIO company, the independent agent in the name and for ALLGAIER Instrumente Medical GmbH, is also capable - on inquiry - of realizing a complete revision, with repair and sharpening.


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